If I were you, I’d show these two films to your kids these holidays. Forget about James Bond, Batman and Superman and Star Wars; I think they’re a little too young to be watching these shows anyhow. Well, if they are as young as my kids anyway. I can vouch for why I think these recommended shows might just bring the best out of your young children by relating to you how my kids reacted to these shows and others. I will also share my sentiment on why we should make every effort to encourage our children to watch entertaining adventure or family-related stories which are inherently wholesome and educational.

Little girl close up outdoors.

What to do outdoors

This an open-ended question, actually, because today I really don’t have a clue. But today (at the time of writing, it was a Saturday morning when I typed up this post) is still truly a remarkable one. Just days ago, my editor suggested to me that I speak from the heart when addressing new readers.


Zero unemployment, if you please

Thank you!

Bloomberg is one of my favorite news dailies on the global scale. Believe it or not, I have never visited their website but based on what I have sourced from my own local daily, it seems to be a site well worth spending time on. Well, just as soon as I get a steady stream of monthly income going again. Having been officially off the job market map for the last couple of years, I remain, to all intents and purposes, unemployed. The reason for this has more to do with me personally than the economic climate over the last few years, particularly since the last global markets financial crisis back in 2008.

Good Life written on rural road

How would you describe your life right now?
The second question should be quite easy to answer because, starting here, there are so many outlets through which you can share your thoughts and also care about others. Caring about others is part of the good life, isn’t it? Apart from your own family, are there any other things you are doing for folks out there who seem to need TLC a lot more than you and me. Social media is a necessary evil these days. In many instances we are using it for work, particularly if we’re into the selling game.

wake up

Have I told you lately that I love myself?

Perhaps I need to remind myself more often to do this.

Look at myself honestly and with the narrowest grin possible and say into the mirror that I love you. Well, me, actually. I’ve been told by a number of people who specialize (and make a fortune in doing it) as life skills coaches and motivational speakers that when you get out of bed in the morning, early or late, it does not matter, you need to stretch out your arms and say; yes, I love myself.

How to manage difficult days

Are you one of those who struggle to get up in the morning because of the fact that you cannot cope with the weight that is on your shoulders right now? Try to get up at least thirty minutes earlier. After some practice, set the clock back another hour, being up before the cock crows and long before anyone else getting ready to go off to work. Currently, you are dealing with the stress and anxiety that goes along with losing your job unexpectedly. Added to your woes is the fact that because you thought that you were relatively secure in your job that you had been doing dutifully for a number of years, you never put much thought into the possibility of actually losing your job.

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