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Beauty tips for winter

Girls, it’s getting a little chilly don’t you think? Because from where I’m sitting right now, the cold is already putting a damper on the excitement that most ladies are beginning to feel now that their annual holidays are around the corner. I can’t wait either. But, I’m afraid; I’ll be working right through the holidays. What I’m more excited about is what the future holds for me (and you). Spring and summer collections are already doing the rounds. But now, it’s winter, so we have to dress warmly. But what about our beauty collection and what keeps us cleansed and protected from the elements?

Here’s what I found out today. It’s a random assortment of readings and highlights of what appealed to me the most, so I hope you don’t mind the disorder. Mainly, there should be one or two things here that might pique your interest too. Some of you may already know about these healthy alternatives but for me there were one or two surprises and sober reminders of what not to indulge yourself with during winter. For instance, depending where you stay of course, it is almost always taken for granted that most days are going to be dull and gloomy, even when it doesn’t pour, hail or snow. But in most areas of the Western world this season, the sun will still shine. That being said, it is a unanimous recommendation that we still apply our sun block to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And we still need to stay out of the sun during those crucial noon day hours. That’s a bitter pill to swallow because who wouldn’t want to bask in a little sunshine after enduring days of harsh freezing temperatures.

Speaking of being out in the cold and now trying to stay warm for as long as possible; this next tip is nice. You get to keep your hands warm with your favorite pair of winter woolen gloves, because apparently the hand’s skin is the thinnest of the entire body. So, this is a good recommendation. Hands up those of you who love a hot soak in the bath at night before crawling under the duvet. My hand is up, but I must admit, it’s even more of a luxury these days. Not only is deep-water baths a no-no where environmental sustainability is concerned, there’s also the time.

On those rare winter nights that I’m in the bath, I light a few candles and then open my book and read a few pages. It can easily be an hour before that hot water starts to cool. So, to compensate for the lack of time and the expensive cost of using the hot water geyser excessively, I usually take a hot shower. But this is no good too. It is easy to forget that the skin can still become quite dry if the correct moisturizer hasn’t been used. So, here’s what they say.

The hot water bath or shower is no good for dry skin. It can lead to the skin losing even more moisture. So, they say, a lukewarm alternative is recommended. Still on the subject of dry skin, they also say that even though it is winter, we still need to moisturize our skin several (not once) times a day. Who would have thought? Anyway, I only manage to do this twice a day. I’ll work on this regimen. I still regard it as a treat, though, because I enjoy indulging my skin with natural oil products, all soothing, such as primrose oil, avocado oil (a personal favorite) and even mineral oil. Apart from keeping our skin supple we also need to make sure that no premature wrinkles creep in. One of the best ways to keep this in check is to always drink lots of water. You don’t need to drink gallons of it, so I guess you get the point on that one.

I’m not happy with this last word of advice. I have a weakness for a couple of mugs of hot black coffee in the morning, particularly during winter. It’s extremely dehydrating so it’s not helpful to the skin. Well, I think I’ve given you enough to chew on. Of course, there’s much more information available on beauty tips for winter so you can read and compare. Stay warm and beautiful this winter.