Good Life written on rural road

How would you describe your life right now?
The second question should be quite easy to answer because, starting here, there are so many outlets through which you can share your thoughts and also care about others. Caring about others is part of the good life, isn’t it? Apart from your own family, are there any other things you are doing for folks out there who seem to need TLC a lot more than you and me. Social media is a necessary evil these days. In many instances we are using it for work, particularly if we’re into the selling game.

Social media is also inherently evil. Do we need to explain this further? What we can do is think and reflect upon recent events and sober up to the reality that there are far too many people, young and old, who overreact. But the social media forums are also great tools for performing good deeds and promoting noble causes. No-one needs to be reminded of the chain reaction caused by the creation of just one hash-tag. But, back to that second question we are about to have answered. Talk about your life, not just your neighbors or your best friends, but with the entire world.

Your good life could inspire someone on the other side of the world who isn’t having it easy at all. You could begin your inspirational journey right here by posting a comment, sharing some thoughts about your day or even remarking about what has been written here. You could take it a step further by starting your own blog. Bereft of any other ideas for the time being, this blog could just be about you, and nobody else. Well, not nobody, because as a typically, kindhearted human being, a naturally and gifted social creature, you’ll end up talking about others, particularly those who have lifted you in some way or another.

Because of my cloistered and sheltered life over the last few years, elsewhere, where I’ve been given the opportunity to do this, I’ve often spoken about famous people who moved this world in positive and influential ways. This more than made up for not having people close to and around me at the time. Today, it is no different. Given the state the world is in right now, you’d be forgiven for asking; where, show me, who are these people. Past or present, I’m not about to give away names, but they are out there. Where there is violence, chaos and disorder in one part of the world, elsewhere something magical is happening right now.

That’s another tragedy of social media networks. The majority of people only seem to want to talk about and share the bad news. Or is there too much of a morbid yearning for all things grim and an insatiable lust for scandal and sensationalism? The social media networks, in general, have merely latched on to what news networks, online, in print or on your television screens at night, are already doing. Yes, it’s true that we need to be aware of the disorder and disasters within our world, otherwise we will simply turn into ignoramuses.

And do you know what those ignoramuses with mobile devices and nothing much better to do with themselves right now are doing? As sociable creatures, our weaknesses sometimes lead us to gossip, not truly knowing whether the story is true or not.

Anyway, we’re going to leave that horrid space and just focus on the good life. Earlier, I was saying that you could spread the good news about your life. Why don’t you? Perhaps your life has not been a bed of roses and you feel, well, I’ve got nothing to add to this happy thoughts post or chat. I’ve got news for you; you do. Out of your current life of ups and downs and too many challenges that you’ve been overwhelmed with lately, you do have memories of happier days. Think about those days, and talk about it with others. It may well be a new journey of personal discovery and even recovery.

I’ll close this post with how my day started. For most people, it is the end of the week. It has also been dubbed Black Friday. I am not bothered to look into this analogy at this stage because I am trying my best now to stay focused and positive. This is mainly because the last few months of my life could be termed a natural and psychological disaster. My life may be simpler than others, but there is still beauty within. For instance, I usually warm up my working day with some reading. So far, about the best news article of the day was all about authentic Chinese food. Then there’s the walk to come along one of my favorite routes and parks.