Little girl close up outdoors.

What to do outdoors

This an open-ended question, actually, because today I really don’t have a clue. But today (at the time of writing, it was a Saturday morning when I typed up this post) is still truly a remarkable one. Just days ago, my editor suggested to me that I speak from the heart when addressing new readers.

That was more of an instruction, mind you, but it now presented me with two questions; what to write about and what to do outdoors, mainly because, this being a Saturday morning, going on afternoon, I was in no mood to write. But write (and work) we must because we have no less than two deadlines to take care of today, then three more in the week ahead. But this post is a gift to you. I write it willingly and share some of my thoughts or anecdotes on life with you while I’m clacking away on the keyboard.

So, without further ado, let’s talk a little about what to do outdoors today (or next weekend), shall we. I think one of the reasons why my work has caused me to feel physically and mentally drained lately is because I have not made much effort to be out of the house in the last few weeks. As I mentioned, there have been deadlines and lately, bad timing for this period of the year, there have been money worries. And now, and it seems almost ludicrous to be thinking this way, I am worrying myself unnecessarily about what my family will make of me when I visit them tomorrow afternoon for a traditional roast or barbecue.

If our folks have decided on the latter, then there are two outdoor activities for me to look forward to tomorrow; the barbecue and our outdoor seating arrangements, surrounded by Mom’s magnificent garden, a product of many years’ labour and love. Then there’s the short walk from the bus stop to my family’s home. Speaking of walking, it would be ideal if I make more space in my schedule, perhaps as early as today, to walk for at least thirty minutes each day.

It’s a sad irony of my predicament to put off things that I love doing (well, I love writing anyway). Whether for a few minutes or for hours on end, walking is one of my favourite activities. And in my neck of the woods (yes, there is a forest nearby) there are many accessible routes I can choose from. The easiest option begins at my front gate. Over weekends, my charming neighbourhood is reasonably quiet and there is little motorised traffic about. A longer, up-hill walk, actually, not much more than ten to twenty minute’s walk, depending on how slowly or briskly I take this walk, leads me to a mountainous nature reserve.

Walking through this reservoir would require at least an hour or two of the day in order to fully appreciate the splendour of natural surroundings, including the view. Now, this view is awesome. There’s the Atlantic Ocean to look forward to at the top of the hill. A short bus ride will take me to the harbour marina, and a little further down, to the long, winding coastline.

Everybody has their preferences, I suppose. So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you like to do outdoors over week-ends in no more than just a few lines? It doesn’t have to be about long walks or traditional barbecues, talk about anything under the sun, if you will. I’m really looking forward to reading your suggestions.