If I were you, I’d show these two films to your kids these holidays. Forget about James Bond, Batman and Superman and Star Wars; I think they’re a little too young to be watching these shows anyhow. Well, if they are as young as my kids anyway. I can vouch for why I think these recommended shows might just bring the best out of your young children by relating to you how my kids reacted to these shows and others. I will also share my sentiment on why we should make every effort to encourage our children to watch entertaining adventure or family-related stories which are inherently wholesome and educational.

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Beauty tips for winter

Girls, it’s getting a little chilly don’t you think? Because from where I’m sitting right now, the cold is already putting a damper on the excitement that most ladies are beginning to feel now that their annual holidays are around the corner. I can’t wait either. But, I’m afraid; I’ll be working right through the holidays. What I’m more excited about is what the future holds for me (and you). Spring and summer collections are already doing the rounds. But now, it’s winter, so we have to dress warmly. But what about our beauty collection and what keeps us cleansed and protected from the elements?

Pekin chicken, on the outside of the house, looking in

The chickens came home to roost and then I ate them

Believe me or not. This is a true story, it all happened and while I’m still feeling quite nervous about everything in my life right now, I actually feel a little better, but still wondering if it is that hard to make a killing in life. By that, I mean basically being successful, setting targets and meeting them, and then going on to exceed your goals. Many successful people have done this. Without a doubt, they are above average human beings. They are inherently positive and have faith that could move mountains.

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Dealing with loved ones who are unhappy

There are different versions of this illness, from mild forms to the more serious and life-threatening ones. It is also one of the most difficult illnesses to diagnose and, whether detected or not, it is often misunderstood. Because of its complexity, the person who inherits this illness is also often misunderstood, tragically by those closest to him or her and/or by family. To say nothing about dealing with work colleagues, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers. In general terms, this illness is referred to, in some way or another, as a stress disorder, and there are many reasons why such a disorder manifests itself in the person.

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Time to travel

Where to begin? I suppose one could start as recently as just a few days ago when we had a rare family gathering around the matriarch and patriarch’s dinner table. Well, not the entire family. The oldest, divorced, was working. And there were no cousins for the one, lone child of eight to play with. The youngest is her father but his wife chose not to join the soirée. So, this family’s middle sibling had no sister in law or fellow soul sista to talk with. It’s a personal and quirky thing.

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Preparing for a great future

I am not a financial analyst or professional, qualified financial planner. Nor am I an economist, accountant, bookkeeper or business practitioner. So, whenever I do talk about money, it is usually from personal sentiment and experience. It is also based a lot on what I have been reading lately. I generally try to keep up with the latest news on business developments, how certain stocks are performing on their boards and how countries or blocs of countries are dealing with economic growth and its related progress or the lack of growth and the plans of development in the pipeline to deal with these negative scenarios.

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