If I were you, I’d show these two films to your kids these holidays. Forget about James Bond, Batman and Superman and Star Wars; I think they’re a little too young to be watching these shows anyhow. Well, if they are as young as my kids anyway. I can vouch for why I think these recommended shows might just bring the best out of your young children by relating to you how my kids reacted to these shows and others. I will also share my sentiment on why we should make every effort to encourage our children to watch entertaining adventure or family-related stories which are inherently wholesome and educational.

big family at sunset

When they grow old
How do you suppose it feels then, to grow old? I suppose the younger we are the further that ominous thought would be from our minds. As I’m typing this post today, I feel a little old myself. Perhaps it has to do with my advancing age, although I’m not old in the sense that my mother and father are. Apart from just having woken up, the fatigue and awkwardness I feel when weaving my way down the stairs of my small apartment building has more to do with my physical condition and how I’m feeling emotionally right now.

Bride and groom holding his hands

Let’s get married in the morning

Sadly, I’m not in love with anyone at the moment but where matters of the heart are concerned, I believe that I’m a pragmatic woman.

I happen to believe that marriage is a magnificent institution for both men and women. I’m a believer and I pray as often as I can. These days, I pray a lot, incoherently, mind you; sometimes I just don’t know when to stop. I do know that it may be better to stay strong and silent, retain perspective and keep an open mind during difficult times.

Beautiful family portrait smiling outside their new house

Why I still have a family

Hello readers! How are you all doing today? I’m fine. Just thinking, mind you. I’m just thinking about the last five calamitous months of my life. While doing that, I began turning the clock backwards over the last few years. I ended up scanning my entire life.

Selection of healthy food on rustic wooden background

Learning from the masters
Writing about food is pretty easy for most foodie experts. They happen to have a solid background in both industries; feature and other non-fiction writing and cooking in general. Many of these talented men and women began their careers, not as celebrity or master chefs, but as hard-working bread and butter writers who had to live on toast and margarine for several months before realizing modest financial ambitions which were mainly motivated by survival. Sometimes it just can’t be helped, but I’m not in favor of peppering my writing with clichés.

TV Remote Isolated on White.

The spectre of doing things over again

Ladies (and gentlemen), he’s back. That’s right folks; James Bond is back with a bang, played, once more by the dashing theatrical actor, Daniel Craig. As usual, the rest of the gang is also back. There’s old M, and then there’s also Miss Moneypenny. Hardly recognizable these days, I almost forgot to mention Q. Then, of course, Bond must fight to save the world from annihilation and/or world domination from one depraved criminal mastermind. So, as per usual, there’s the villain and his rugged cast of browbeating henchmen, paid little or nothing to do all his dirty work.

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