How to manage difficult days

Are you one of those who struggle to get up in the morning because of the fact that you cannot cope with the weight that is on your shoulders right now? Try to get up at least thirty minutes earlier. After some practice, set the clock back another hour, being up before the cock crows and long before anyone else getting ready to go off to work. Currently, you are dealing with the stress and anxiety that goes along with losing your job unexpectedly. Added to your woes is the fact that because you thought that you were relatively secure in your job that you had been doing dutifully for a number of years, you never put much thought into the possibility of actually losing your job.

You never planned ahead for worst-case scenarios nor did you put much effort into an emergency savings fund so see you through during these difficult days. Before anyone begins to point fingers at you, please relax, because I’m definitely not going to point my crooked finger at you, whether the situation you are in is your fault or not. I am not going to judge you, but, hopefully, my words of encouragement here are going to lift you up a little. I’m also going to try and offer you a few wise words on how to conduct yourself during these difficult days.

So, starting from now, chin up please. Just one smile for the world. There you go, it may have been a weak smile, but that wasn’t hard, was it? Also, the predicament that you are in right now is not your fault. So, you can do this next thing; stop blaming yourself. You have a family to support, and even with your partner by your side, you still struggle to make ends meet. Long before the end of the month, funds have already begun to dry up. You were not reckless or compulsive. Some of you may have acted out of desperation and used your charge cards to the max, mainly to buy what was necessary and to service other long-outstanding debts.

Now you are in a worse predicament. So, what now? Another chin-up if you please. Help is at hand and you won’t have to pay a cent towards these services. There are non-governmental organizations out there which campaign vigorously on your behalf and other indigent people. They also seek justice and reparation from unscrupulous lenders and retailers which did not care whether you could afford their loans or spend money in a sensible way at their stores. Government is also on hand to offer assistance and, as a last resort, you can turn to the courts to find some legal reprieve.

Let’s spend the rest of this post suggesting and encouraging ways on how you can relieve some of the stress and anxiety in the meantime. From the outset I suggested that you get up a little earlier than usual. Here’s why. For the time being you are not working (but not for much longer). You have the obvious tasks to attend to during the rest of the day. This has caused you the anxiety that has kept some of you in bed for a lot longer than is normal or healthy, even though you haven’t been able to sleep.

What if I told you that the results of this difficult (for now) bit of discipline may just set you up for the rest of your life, never mind the day? Step outside and take a deep breath. Notice how fresh the morning air is? Invigorating, isn’t it? And notice that the only noise you here are the sounds of little birds tweeting long before anyone else has dreamed up their next hash-tag. There’s not a soul about and the roads being unusually quiet are bereft of its usual traffic. This is the perfect time to head off for a brisk walk.

If you are unaccustomed to physical exertion you can take your time. Walk slowly then. And the walk does not need to be long. Even ten minutes will do for starters. Now it’s time for breakfast. It is still the most important meal of the day. But this time make sure it’s a healthy and wholesome one and make sure to take your time, enjoying every spoonful of muesli or freshly scrambled eggs. Drink freshly squeezed juice and take your first two glasses of water. Tidy your kitchen and give the rest of your room a healthy once over too.

Then hit the job button. Take your time over your CV and make sure that it is properly prepared so that it will be noticed and responded to (I’ll tell you how you get to that point in a moment). Don’t stop there and go straight on to the next job prospect. Don’t forget to take short but regular breaks in between each application. Also, don’t overburden yourself with making as many submissions as possible. This will run counter to your objectives and lead to diminishing the required quality of your work. Now, to close, you are ready for another excursion outdoors.

This time you are going to head off to your nearest library to immerse yourself with motivational and inspirational books and practical guides on how to submitting a killer resume that will get you your dream job. Our time is up, I’m afraid. Talk to your librarian in the meantime. And I hope you have a wonderful day after trying out what I suggested. Good luck with your job interview.